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TITLE: Right Here
ARTIST: Travis Garland
ALBUM: ItsMusic-IsAll.tumblr.com
PLAYED: 6,819 times

Travis Garland | Right Here

You keep saying goodbye,
I just keep asking why,
You won’t give us a try,
When we’re so close,
I dream of me and you,
Why won’t you follow through,
Please tell me what to do,
Why do you keep saying no,

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TITLE: Didn't Stand A Chance
ARTIST: Travis Garland
ALBUM: ItsMusic-IsAll.Tumblr.com
PLAYED: 36,065 times

Travis Garland - Didn’t Stand A Chance

"You’re so perfect to me,
Nothing’s changed the way I feel at all,
If I sit down, You’ll come around,
Eventually, Oh oh oh,

Used to say, It was only a matter of time,
For your heart matters more than your mind,
You try to fight it, I don’t know why,
You didn’t stand a chance,

TITLE: Diamonds and Adorn (mashup)
ARTIST: Travis Garland
ALBUM: ItsMusic-IsAll.Tumblr.com
PLAYED: 1,959 times

Travis Garland - Diamonds x Adorn (Mashup)

"You’re a shooting star I see
A vision of ecstasy
When you hold me, I’m alive
We’re beautiful like diamonds in the sky”

"The same way that the stars adorn the skies
(Now look up sugar!)
The same way that my whole worlds’ in your eyes
(ooooo and it’s time now)
Just let
Let my love adorn you”

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